Uniforms for players are provided as part of your registration. Each player registered receives a light blue Just4kixs Soccer Jersey with number on the back of the jersey. They also receive our light blue soccer socks. Our players may wear any color soccer shorts with the uniform. Black looks best, but any color will be fine.  Just4kixs also offers FREE soccer cleats to our players. They are gently used soccer cleats donated to the league and are free to any player enrolled. On our uniform day you are welcome to pick your favorite number for your jersey, grab your soccer socks and try on a pair of soccer cleats.

Uniforms for buddies are given out on our buddy training evening. Every buddy registered online will receive one bright yellow Just4kixs buddy tee-shirt for the season.  All of our NEW buddies will have a mandatory 1 hour training class to help them understand their job duties as a buddy. This is a fun class and very important. Each buddy must write or iron on their first name to the front of the buddy shirt. We have over 200 buddies names to remember.  All buddies will receive 90 minutes community service for attending this training session.  For more information on being a buddy you can email Linda Giasullo vgpg03@gmail.com

Uniforms for coaches are given out on uniform day for players. Each coach registered will receive a lime green Just4kixs soccer jersey and a navy blue jersey for the season. All coaches must put their name on their soccer jersey. All of our coaches will receive 20 hours of community service for completing the season. Coaches will have a 1 hour training session every season.