Field Crew

Our field crew is made up of volunteer buddies ages 10 to 19. They are responsible for setting up the field each morning, bringing out all of the tables, chairs, equipment needed for the program. The field crew will have radios to communicate to our Equipment manager on the field. They MUST arrive by 11:00am to set up and CANNOT leave until 1:00pm after everything is put back into the storage units/POD. The field crew will receive 2 hours of community service each week they attend. They will not be a buddy to a child with special needs, they are only in charge of the equipment on the field.  Field crew must still sign in each week at the check in table to receive credit for the hours they participate. They will wear a RED pinnie over their yellow buddy shirt.

If you are interested in being part of our field crew, please sign up online as a buddy. Check off field crew during the registration online, or you can email Linda about being part of the field crew team.