J4K has a team to fit your child’s age and developmental level. The teams are structured so that each child will have the support they need and the opportunity to pick up skills that will take them to the next level. There are 5 teams: Galaxy, Dolphins, Minions, Dragons &  The Seniors.

Click this link to print a flyer to distribute to your school or organization: Just4kixs Player Flyer 2017


teams_1Galaxy team is for our beginner soccer players, usually ages 3 to 5. Galaxy players will all have a one-to-one buddy to assist them on the field. Some players may have two buddies to assist them. Galaxy players are very young and we do simple drills and skills with these kids. We use a size 3 soccer ball, orange cones,  a couple of balance beams, agility poles, hurdles, a small trampoline, a GIANT parachute and oversized blow up soccer balls.
We have about 11 coaches on the Galaxy team and a buddy for each player. Our coaches have been working alongside these amazing children for several years. They are dedicated and full of energy. They are able to connect with all the children and they make this league so special. The children on galaxy will have a wonderful first experience of playing soccer on this team.
Galaxy incorporates fun exercise activities, stretching, running, ball dribbling, shooting, and some fun obstacle course activities as well as parachute play. The little ones love to play with the large blow up soccer balls which are brought out towards the end of the session. These soccer balls are sometimes bigger than the players.
We have a coach on galaxy who knows sign language and has been able to use it to communicate with some of our players. Coach Chris is amazing and he loves being part of Just4kixs.


teams_2_dolphinThe Dolphins team is for ages 6-15.  These players can be first time players or ones who have moved up from the Galaxy team. Dolphins have 9 coaches and a buddy for each player. Some players may have two buddies if needed. The coach will determine if your child will benefit from having two buddies on the field.
The Dolphins do a lot of running, many short drills, dribbling with the ball, shooting into the net, hurdles, exercises, agility poles, relay races, and they also use the large blow up balls for fun. They use a size 4 soccer ball on the field. The coaches set up some fun soccer activities and quick and easy drills throughout the playtime. They take a 5 minute water break half way through the session. Our coaches will also help determine if your child is ready to move to the next level of play based on observation and participation.                                                                                                                                                          

The Dolphins coaches have been with us over 6 years and do an amazing job with this team. They are organized and full of energy on the field.  If a child is having difficulty doing a task or drill, the coaches step in and help out. This team helps prepare your child for moving up to the Minions or Dragons team.


teams_3The Minions team is for ages 5-9. They are learning the rules of the game and playing a game against each other (8 versus 8). The players on this team do NOT have a buddy. We do have a few buddies on the field for re-direction but is not a no one-to-one buddy ratio.  The Minions have 3 incredible coaches who teach the basics of the game with the help of a buddy at a distance.  They learn about goal kicks, corner kicks, hand balls, passing, throw-ins,  shooting, and good sportsmanship.  The coaches use small spot markers on the ground to teach them positions on the field. They use visual prompts and hand over hand to show them the correct way to play.
Minions learn how to be good winners and good losers. They are rewarded with high fives and cheers from the sidelines. Some players may have a buddy on the field running within an arms reach, giving them the encouragement they need to get the ball, or pass, or shoot, or score. We prepare the children on the Minions team to play fair and support their teammates.

The children on this team have played either on Galaxy or Dolphins prior to the Minion team. These kids must be able to follow 4 step commands and communicate with their coach. The must be able to understand the rules of the game. If your child is able to do that, then this could be the team for them.


teams_4The Dragons team is the older group of kids, ages 11 to 16. These children have been with Just4kixs for several seasons and play a real game without a buddy. There are four coaches on the Dragons team to help them on the field. They play for two 25 minute sessions with a 5 minute water break at half time.  The coaches split the players up into two teams and they play against each other. All the players get to experience being a goalie, defense, offense and midfield, they have the opportunity to play in all the positions on the field. They will develop a friendship among each other and learn about good sportsmanship on this team. This team follows all the rules of a recreational soccer team and their coaches are incredible.
This team is recommended only for players who have already played on the other Just4kixs teams. Players with soccer experience or prior knowledge of the game will do very well on this team. If your child is not quite ready for the recreational league and just needs a little help getting ready, this is the team for them. No buddies will be on this team.

The Seniors

The Seniors team is older group of young adults, ages 16 to 19. These players will be doing drills and skills with assistance of a buddy. They will be taking shots on the goal, dribbling the ball, running,  passing to one another and exercises.  The coaches for the Seniors will pair them up with a buddy to help them socialize amongst each other while playing. The Seniors are the oldest players on the J4K program. We hope to extend the age to 21 next season.


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